2D Fabric Poly


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Our patented material is groundbreaking strong, doesn't leach toxins, both fire and water proof. The source materials can be of 100% recycled material, also recyclable after product life.

The width of the 2D Fabric Poly board below is only 1.15 feet, bearing a 1,014 pound test!

It's tough. Reason number one: Patented 2D coupler combining the tenacity of PE and the rigidity of PET to create a synthesized base material. Please note, PE and PET are originally phobic to each other. Reason number two: PET fabric acting as steel bars in the concrete. The red and blue colored material in the cross sectioned plank is the added PET fabric. The plank sample above is one product used to replace conventional Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) which tends to deform after water absorption. We soaked 2D Fabric Poly in 60 degrees Celsius for 90 days and remained in the original size.

Below: deformed WPC structures.

The 2D poly products can be formulated differently based on application. It's great for outdoor flooring and 2D Poly Furniture. We are using it to develop 3D printing materials and small, durable housing units, 2D Hope, for the homeless community.


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