2D Sanitizer Wireless Fogger – USB FCC

Why use 2D Fogger?

The COVID-19 virus is usually spread through droplets and contact. An Australian study showed that the new crown virus can survive on banknotes, mobile phone screens and stainless steel surfaces for 28 days under laboratory conditions, longer than previously estimated. Previous studies have shown that the virus can survive two to three days on banknotes and glass surfaces, and six days on plastic and stainless steel.

Radio Hong Kong reported that the latest study by the Australian "Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization" found that the new coronavirus can survive 28 days on smooth surfaces such as mobile phone screens, paper or plastic banknotes at 20°C, while influenza viruses can survive in the same environment. It is 17 days.

Our sanitizer can help remove surface pathogens.

Based on this article, that fogging can be more effective than UV on sanitizing an area:


Personal fogger to be carried everywhere, easy to use yet effective.


Purchase price can be applied as credit of up to 50% of the shipping cost to the 2D Sanitizer purchased from https://2D.sale. Please email us both purchase details for processing.



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